UK Horse Races & Betting Tips

There are daily horse races taking place around United Kingdom, with horses and jockeys more or less known to the public. With these races, we also have a range of betting options presented with all major betting agencies operating in Great Britain, like Bet365, William Hill, Ladbrokes, Befred or Unibet. aims at providing daily betting tips, horse racing stats and racecards to help British customers take better decisions when placing bets on horse races.

Today’s Races and Betting Tips

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  • Horse racing data is provided in cooperation with Racing Stats 247, a horse racing website gathering and providing daily racing data, stats and probabilities. Checking the racecards for each race is a must for any punter looking to place bets in UK, as it provides users with insightful information about a horse’s past performances, number of starts, places in past races and winnings, distances and more. Jockeys are also something to follow as they also seem to be able to influence the results in horse races by knowing when to push the horse for the win.

    Betting on UK Horse Races

    Horse racing is the second largest public sport in the UK, and hence it attracts a large number of bets on a daily basis. There are no better bookmakers for placing these bets then British based bookmakers. With plenty of betting shops all around UK, punters can easily find a place to watch a race and place a bet. Online betting fortunately took this experience to a whole new level, letting people watch races online and also place bets on all British races. Furthermore, online bookmakers also come with a series of advantages like the Best Price Guarantee on horse races, welcome bonuses and refund offers. Check betting bonuses for UK for a list of top British bookmakers and registration bonuses.

    UK Horse Racing & Betting history

    UK has a long history with both horse racing and betting. The history of horse racing dates back centuries ago, when Henry the VIII imported large number of stallions and mares from Spain, Italy and the East. Around this time there, in 1512, we have the first trophy presented to the winner of a race organised at a fair in Chester. From this point on, the horse races continued, with interest in these races on and off the the years. From the 18th century, Queen Anne has supported the establishment of today’s Royal Ascot races and from here on we can note only increased interest in Uk horse races. It was also during Queen Anne’s reign (between 1702 – 1714), when spectators started placing bets on horse races. In 1866, the National Hunt Committee was established to regulate horse racing.

    Betting and horse races seem to have developed a certain mutual dependence in UK, with money from betting also supporting races and prizes available. In today’s Britain, racecourses and betting shops together are a common sight.

    The Grand National, Royal Ascot and Cheltenham Festival are the three largest horse racing events taking place every year. Horse racing in Britain has become of major importance as it employs 85,000 people, with many caring for UK’s 14,000 horses. It is also an industry generating almost £3.4 billion to the British economy.